The Rabbits have spoken! Adopt!

Posted by Alexander Wang on

Adopt Rabbits Image


Every year, the House Rabbit Society recommends not purchasing bunnies especially during Easter. A report mentioned almost 80 percent of bunnies that are up for adoption at shelters were once purchased as Easter gifts. Among other reasons:

  • Most children lost interest in a live bunny after only a few weeks
  • Rabbits have an average life span of 8-14 years
  • Most rabbits outgrow their 'cuteness' very quickly
  • Rabbits are more expensive to own than cats

We know, as between Shae (the artist) and the webmaster, we have adopted 5 rabbits together over the past few years. In fact, as mentioned in our About page, Shae consistently used her rabbits as the models for her earlier artworks.

House Rabbit Society recommends alternatives to live animals- such as plush bunnies, chocolate bunnies, or books about bunnies - make great gift choices and come with no additional obligations or responsibilities.

Our Canvas Prints will not arrive in time for Easter, but we are providing a 15% off Easter promo code - EASTER15 that expires 4/16/2017.

On a much more irrelevant reminder, Rabbit With Mask commits 10% of all profits to animal related charities, including the House Rabbit Society.